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Author Receives Positive Reviews

Mindconnection’s reviewer,  Mark Lamendola, wrote a fantastic article about Cal Brown’s recently published book, When Life Strikes

“This is an excellent book. Not everyone has the same interests, so not all books “work” for all people. This book, however, really is for everyone. While reading it, I composed a mental list of people for whom I should buy a copy. Thank you, Cal Brown, for an excellent contribution to the personal finance literature.

This book stands above most others in its genre. The professionalism and honest desire to help the reader just emanate from page after page. Specifically:

  • Brown sticks to what he knows.
  • What Brown does know, he knows very, very well.
  • Brown writes in the kind of tone I associate with a mentor. He’s never condescending.
  • If Brown made any errors in grammar, composition, or spelling, I don’t remember them.
  • Everything is crystal clear!
  • He’s not advocating any political agenda, nor is the book a shill for his business.”

I particularly appreciated the reviewer’s comment, “If Brown made an mistakes in grammar, composition, or spelling, I don’t remember them.” Thank God for good proofreaders or short term memory loss.

To read the entire review, click here.


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Consumer Revolution White Paper



Joe Duran, CEO of United Capital, discusses dramatic shifts within the financial services industry. Is the current business model doomed to obsolescence?

United Capital is one of the fastest growing advisories in the country.

Find it here.  Or find it on my “Writing Credits” page.

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