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Myra Nourmand Becomes Member of WPO

Myra Nourmand, Top Beverly Hills Real Estate broker was accepted into the Women’s Presidents Organization (WPO). According to the WPO website:

“The WPO is a non-profit membership organization for women presidents of multimillion-dollar companies. The members of the WPO take part in professionally-facilitated peer advisory groups in order to bring the ‘genius out of the group’ and accelerate the growth of their businesses.”

Myra Nourmand is author of From Homemaker to Breadwinner and regularly appears in the media to comment about Los Angeles luxury real estate. She works for Nourmand & Associates, a boutique real estate firm with three offices throughout Los Angeles.

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How Meditation Is Good for Your Pocket Book

Licensed Clinical Psychologist, Dr. Robert Puff, explains how meditation can improve your bottom line. Click here to read the full post.

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United Capital Announces Launch of Money Mind Analyzer

The Money Mind Analyzer empowers people to take charge of their financial lives. It’s a fun, web-based game that gives you insight into your relationship with money. Click hear to read the news release in its entirety. 


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Author Appears in AOL Jobs

“6 Principals for Surviving Unemployment” appeared in AOL Jobs. This article is a great example of how an author repackaged content. What you’ll read is a shortened version of a chapter in Cal Brown’s book, When Life Strikes

AOL Jobs provides a bio page for the author where they provide him backlinks to his company’s website and his book. Powerful SEO (Search Engine Optimization) content!

1. AOL article: “6 Principals for Surviving Unemployment”
2. Link to Cal Brown’s book, When Life Strikes
3. AOL Jobs article bio page

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How a Break Up Can Be Our Best Teacher

In his Psychology Today post, licensed clinical psychologist, Dr. Puff, explains how heartache can teach us to let go.

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