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Billion Dollar Ad for Billion Dollar Broker

Myra Nourmand, First Lady of Beverly Hills real estate and author of the book, From Homemaker to Breadwinner, was featured in The Los Angeles Times real estate section on Sunday.

The article was a beautiful tribute to one of the nation’s foremost real estate professionals. Click on the image to read the entire piece and see photos of Myra and her family. 


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Dr. Sack of Promises Treatment Center PSYCHOLOGY TODAY Article Is “Essential Read: Editor’s Picks”

In his recent post on Psychology Today’s site, Dr. Sack, CEO of Elements Behavioral Health and Promises Treatment Centers, explains why a “one size fits all” cure for drug addiction is unlikely. Click here to read the full article.

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What Obamacare Means to You

In United Capital’s latest blog post, you’ll learn how the recent Supreme Court’s ruling will impact the future of your healthcare. Click here to read the post. 

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Dr. David Sack Appears in PSYCHOLOGY TODAY

In his arcticle, “Rethinking Everything We Thought About Addiction,” Dr. David Sack, CEO of Elements Behavioral Health and Promises Treatment Centers, provides readers a balanced look at 12-step and scientific/medical addiction treatment models. Click here to read the full article. 

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How the Great Recession Continues to Impact Your Bottom Line

In his latest blog post, Joe John Duran, CEO of United Capital, describes how, years later, we’re still feeling the consequences of the Great Recession.

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