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United Capital Publishes Quarter 4 Overview

In its “United Perspective Quarterly Update,” United Capital provides an overview of 2012 and a look into 2013. Click here to read the article.

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THE MONEY CODE: Joe Duran Summarizes His Book

Joe Duran, author of The Money Code provides a quick overview of his book. Joe is a CFA and CEO of United Capital. His title hits shelves 22 January.

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??????????????????In his article, “Meditation: The Greatest 2013 Gift You Can Give,” clinical psychologist Robert Puff, explains why a meditation practice may be the best New Year’s resolution you can make. Click here to read the article on PT’s website. 


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Myra Nourmand Appears in REALTOR MAGAZINE

Myra_headshotThe First Lady of Beverly Hills Real Estate, Myra Nourmand, tells Realtor how to stage a home like a Hollywood Celebrity. Myra consistently ranks as one of the nation’s top producing Realtors. She specializes in selling luxury listings throughout Los Angeles’s West Side. Click here to read the article. 

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CNN Interviews Joe Duran, Author of The Money Code

CNN’s Suzanne Malveaux talks with Joe John Duran, author of The Money Code. The CFA and CEO of United Capital discusses the Three Money Minds, which is a core premise of his book.

The Money Code will launch on 22 January 2013. Click here to learn more, or go to

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