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Writing my third book has been one of the most pleasurable and exciting experiences of my life because of the work of Lawrence Ineno, who helped craft, refine, and write this story with me. His unwavering passion and belief in the underlying premise and his desire to constantly improve on what we have done helped to create something we are both really proud of. Lawrence’s care, talent, and gentle yet insightful guidance are the biggest reasons this book was completed.


Joe John Duran, United Capital CEO and New York Times Best Selling Author of The Money Code,

Lawrence Ineno is a gifted writer and holds himself to the highest professional standards.


My books have been Amazon and iTunes best sellers; my articles appear in Psychology Today; and national TV, print, and online publications regularly seek out my expertise. I count on Lawrence to support my publication objectives. As a full time licensed clinical psychologist headquarted in Newport Beach, CA, it’s not easy to regularly publish and make media appearances. Lawrence is an invaluable resource. He’s a great writer and constantly exceeds my expectations.


Dr. Robert Puff, Amazon and iTunes best selling author, Licensed Clinical Psychologist,

Meeting the needs of my high net worth clients is extremely demanding, fulfilling, and leaves me with little free time and energy. When I set out to write my book, I looked to Lawrence for not only his writing expertise, but also his ability to keep my book moving forward despite my demanding schedule.


Writing my book has been one of my career highlights and it’s improved my readers’ lives. I have Lawrence to thank for providing creative direction and overseeing the entire project from start to finish. He is both my ghostwriter and a trusted colleague.


Myra Nourmand, First Lady of Beverly Hills Real Estate and author of From Homemaker to Breadwinner,

Thanks to Lawrence Ineno, who persuaded me to get started with my book and whose collaboration and expertise have been invaluable to my project.


Cal Brown, CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER professional™ (CFP®) and author of When Life Strikes.

Once I quit my job in corporate America and started my own business, I never turned back. Through the experience of building my business, I learned countless things that I knew would help others and guide them in their professional pursuits. Lawrence Ineno was just the person I needed to help me reach my goal of becoming a published author. Thanks to my book, I’m a sought after expert in building a business. Lawrence Ineno made the process fun and incredibly fulfilling.


Cezar Mansour, Author of The Official Guide to Building the Referral Based Business,

Lawrence Ineno brought clarity and compelling visual skills to our project. Through words and images he was able to capture my ideas in a way that made people want to read further.


Rene Castro, Senior Director of Programs, NCCJ (National Conference for Community and Justice)

Lawrence Ineno’s open, personal style of writing came just when we needed it. He played a crucial role in our project’s success. He quickly figured out how to deliver a targeted message to our audience in a creative, concise manner—a true professional.


Janet McCarthy, President & CEO, Goodwill Industries

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