Copywriting: Balancing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) & Human Needs

As a New York Times Best Selling ghostwriter, I’ll help you accomplish your publication goals faster than otherwise possible.


I ghostwrite magazine articles, industry white papers, blogs, web copy and news releases that meet your on and offline objectives. In addition, I’ve successfully placed my clients in high profile publications.


SEO & Your Intellectual Property

It’s a war of words between man and machine. No other time in history has our writing had to meet the needs of humans and non-humans. These non-humans aren’t exactly bipedal droids from sci-fi films, but they’re definitely of the computer kind.


When it comes to mere mortals, they want your copy to provide them solutions in the clearest, simplest way. When it comes to web spiders that are crawling through websites, newsletters, blogs, and social media—24 hours / 7 days a week—they want to see impeccably organized, content-rich sites in addition to a million other things that keep Search Engine Optimization (SEO) experts working ’round the clock.


Achieving balance is key, and I’m here to help. Learn more about Lawrence the Ghostwriter


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