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Hybrid Publishing: Two Book Models Merge

If publishing was fast food, then hybrid publishing would be the Chipotle of book publishing. You select what you want—such as book design, editing, and marketing—and leave out what you don’t. In other words, you pay only for what you need.


Generally, hybrid publishers work within the traditional publishing model but also offer self-publishing benefits such as allowing authors to maintain intellectual property rights, providing authors’ higher profit margins, and giving them creative control.


At the same time, traditional publishers are offering a la carte services that are usually the domain of self-publishers. Also, many hybrid publishers have a screening process where they accept and reject manuscripts—similar to traditional publishers. Thus it’s not always easy to determine whether a publisher is hybrid or traditional.


There is no-one-size fits all formula to determine the option best for you. To address the specifics of your project, complete the contact form on the left or call me today.