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Self-Publishing: Author’s Take Control

The One Minute Manager

50 Shades of Gray

Chicken Soup for the Soul

What Color Is My Parachute?

The Celestine Prophesy

Strunk & White Elements of Style

What do these blockbuster books have in common? They represent notable books that began as self-published works. In other words, there’s nothing new or novel about self-publishing. Major publishers eventually picked up these books and made them household names.


What is new about self-publishing is how Amazon and electronic devices have created unprecedented opportunities for authors. In the digital age, authors are in more control over their intellectual property than ever before. Thus eBooks have added another threat to traditional publishing’s future.


For instance, Amazon singlehandedly shut down bookstores across the country, and the online superstore redefined the book genre itself. Today, the book giant not only encourages self-publishers, but it has also created a series of publishing entities that compete directly with the major publishing houses. Meanwhile, if major publishing houses continue to rely solely on their historic strengths—economies of scale and gatekeeping content—they will turn obsolete.


After all, indie authors are becoming Amazon and iTunes best sellers, selling thousands of books monthly, creating lucrative businesses with high profit margins, and overseeing fan bases and marketing plans that extend around the world—all of which were formerly the domains of major publishers. To make matters confusing, however, traditional publishers are offering a la carte services that are characteristic of self-publishing.


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