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Traditional Publishing: Maintaining a Legacy and Adapting to Change

No doubt self-publishing has shed its B-list status and taken center stage. At the same time, the benefits of big, traditional publishing houses continue: brand recognition* and prestige, editorial and production resources, national marketing campaigns, and placement in the remaining brick-and-mortar bookstores.


While self-published books can be sold in bookstores across the U.S., it will take more work on your part than if you worked with a major publishing house. In exchange for the resources that publishers offer, they typically take ownership of your book’s rights, earn a large cut of your book’s proceeds, and maintain creative control over book titles, cover design, and interior layout.


Major publishers reserve most of their marketing prowess for blockbuster books that guarantee best seller status such as those written by high profile celebrities, politicians, and business leaders. If you’re one of these exceptional individuals, then traditional publishing definitely confers worthwhile advantages.


There is no one-size fits all formula to determine the option best for you. To address the specifics of your project, complete the contact form on the left or call me today.