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Publish your Book – an Overview: Traditional, Self, and Hybrid Models

When it comes to publishing your intellectual property, you have more options than ever. In the following links, I’ve provided succinct descriptions about the three main models of book publishing: Self-publishing, traditional publishing, and hybrid publishing:


Learn More About Self Publishing

Learn More About Traditional Publishing

Learn More About Hybrid Publishing

Click here to see a Publishing Options Chart, which provides an overview of all three models.


The Book 2.0

Books, defined by hundreds of years of history, are no longer what they used to be. In fact, the digital age has brought on a book existential crisis.


In the past, books have been characterized by their physical appearances such as hard cover or soft and their page count. But today’s tablets and smart phones have made such descriptions obsolete. As a result, consumers’ expectations have shifted. The eBook can be a short manifesto sold for $.99 on Amazon, or it can be a multi-megabyte tome.


Whether you’re a first time author or a book veteran, I’m a NEW YORK TIMES Best Selling ghostwriter, and I’ll help you accomplish your publication goals faster than otherwise possible. There is no one-size fits all formula to determine the best option for you. To address the specifics of your project, complete the contact form on the left or call me today and take the first step to publish your book.