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FROM WHEELCHAIR TO DANCE FLOOR: How One Woman Conquered MS and You Can Too!

BOOK DESCRIPTION: After battling multiple sclerosis for decades and exploring nearly every treatment from conventional to experimental, Barbara Bowie was running out of options. With her debilitating symptoms roaring back, despite being under the careful watch of the world’s foremost MS doctors, at sixty-two years old, she decided to try some- thing radical—bodybuilding.

Dan, the bodybuilder, had no experience training MS patients. Barbara had never worked out at a gym. Nevertheless, this odd couple took a risk, and Dan began showing her how to make her weak body strong.

In From Wheelchair to Dance Floor: How One Woman Conquered MS and You Can Too! Barbara describes her remarkable journey. After three years of relentless training, Barbara left her harsh medication, mobility scooter, cane, and leg braces behind. To the astonishment of those who knew her as a disabled elderly woman afflicted by MS, Barbara regained her ability to walk, golf, and twirl around on the dance floor on her own . . . but Barbara’s recovery came as no surprise to her. Whether bedridden or zooming around in her mobility scooter, she always believed in her heart that she would walk again.

Hardwired for happiness, she maintained calm and hope even during her darkest moments struck down by the disease. Her book is both memoir and timeless guide for all who seek to navigate life’s biggest pitfalls with unrelenting joy and serenity.

Find your purpose and pursue it. Focus on the positive.
And always do your best and have fun!
—Barbara Bowie

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