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The Divorce Dance Hits Best-Seller Status


Stan Corey’s book, The Divorce Dance, has become an Amazon best-seller.

A well-deserved triumph for the talented and intrepid author!

Click here to order the book on Amazon.

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Foremost Financial Advisor Publishes Comprehensive Divorce Guide

Divorce_Dance_1_3AdStan Corey is a Certified Financial Planner Professional (CFP). He just published The Divorce Dance. In this book, Stan leverages his over thirty-five year career in the financial services industry to provide an unparalleled guide to the divorce process. His advice is clear, compassionate, and accessible to a wide audience.

Click here to find it on Amazon. 

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At an Airport Near You

TMC HudsonsI’m always thrilled when friends send me photos of my clients’ books placed in airport bookstores (it’s the orange book).

Joe Duran’s New York Times Best Seller, The Money Code, is available in Hudson Booksellers across the country. You can also find it on Amazon. 

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THE MONEY CODE: Joe Duran Summarizes His Book

Joe Duran, author of The Money Code provides a quick overview of his book. Joe is a CFA and CEO of United Capital. His title hits shelves 22 January.

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CNN Interviews Joe Duran, Author of The Money Code

CNN’s Suzanne Malveaux talks with Joe John Duran, author of The Money Code. The CFA and CEO of United Capital discusses the Three Money Minds, which is a core premise of his book.

The Money Code will launch on 22 January 2013. Click here to learn more, or go to

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THE MONEY CODE Launches into Cyberspace

The Money Code (TMC) will hit your favorite online bookstore’s virtual bookshelves on January 24, 2013.

In the meantime, learn more about the author, read the blog, and download a FREE chapter on TMC’s website.

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Dr. Robert Puff Appears in Psychology Today

In his most recent article, “Lessons About Happiness from Reality TV,” Dr. Robert Puff, licensed clinical psychologist, explains the importance of making happiness a lifelong pursuit.

Click here to read the full post on Psychology Today’s website. 

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Author Appears in AOL Jobs

“6 Principals for Surviving Unemployment” appeared in AOL Jobs. This article is a great example of how an author repackaged content. What you’ll read is a shortened version of a chapter in Cal Brown’s book, When Life Strikes

AOL Jobs provides a bio page for the author where they provide him backlinks to his company’s website and his book. Powerful SEO (Search Engine Optimization) content!

1. AOL article: “6 Principals for Surviving Unemployment”
2. Link to Cal Brown’s book, When Life Strikes
3. AOL Jobs article bio page

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