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Dr. Robert Puff Appears in PSYCHOLOGY TODAY

Man Leap


In the Psychology Today article, “Living with Less Fear and More Happiness,” top licensed-clinical psychologist, Dr. Robert Puff, present readers his mental-health expertise. Click here to read the article. 


Psychology Today’s site receives 4 million page views per month and provides backlinks and product placement. These benefits will make any Search Engine Optimization (SEO) team very happy. Contact me at 310.508.5750 or reach out to me on my website to learn how article placement will benefit your SEO and online marketing objectives.

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The Divorce Dance Hits Best-Seller Status


Stan Corey’s book, The Divorce Dance, has become an Amazon best-seller.

A well-deserved triumph for the talented and intrepid author!

Click here to order the book on Amazon.

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Foremost Financial Advisor Publishes Comprehensive Divorce Guide

Divorce_Dance_1_3AdStan Corey is a Certified Financial Planner Professional (CFP). He just published The Divorce Dance. In this book, Stan leverages his over thirty-five year career in the financial services industry to provide an unparalleled guide to the divorce process. His advice is clear, compassionate, and accessible to a wide audience.

Click here to find it on Amazon. 

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At an Airport Near You

TMC HudsonsI’m always thrilled when friends send me photos of my clients’ books placed in airport bookstores (it’s the orange book).

Joe Duran’s New York Times Best Seller, The Money Code, is available in Hudson Booksellers across the country. You can also find it on Amazon. 

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AMAZON #1 Best Seller

Screen Shot 2013-10-30 at 12.36.18 PMKathleen Grace’s recently published book, Prince Not So Charming, recently reached #1 on Amazon’s Best Seller list under the personal finance category.


To find the book on Amazon, click here. 

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Dr. Robert Puff Appears in PSYCHOLOGY TODAY


On the heals of the Seattle Seahawks’ astonishing Super Bowl win, Dr. Puff explains the role meditation played in the team’s victory. To read the article, click here. 

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TMC_Book_Cover_AmazonGood news in the ghostwriting world! The Money Code, just hit the NYT Best Seller list.


The book rallied in the summer and made it to #9 in August.


And click here to find it on AMAZON. 


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The First Lady of Beverly Hills Real Estate Reveals Her Trade Secrets

Myra_headshotConsidering real estate performance in the nation’s hottest markets, it’s hard to believe how dramatically the bubble burst a mere five years ago. Multiple offers, above-asking prices, and deals closing quickly—it’s a seller’s market.


Myra Nourmand, one of the nation’s top performing brokers and author of the book, From Homemaker to Breadwinner, shares how buyers can stand apart in multiple offer settings. In short, her secret is a buyer’s profile. Click here to read her article that circulated around the web.

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