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THE MONEY CODE: Joe Duran Summarizes His Book

Joe Duran, author of The Money Code provides a quick overview of his book. Joe is a CFA and CEO of United Capital. His title hits shelves 22 January.

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FAQ: There are already so many books out there that relate to my area of expertise. Why bother?

As the saying goes, “There’s no such thing as a new idea.” Whether you’re writing about finance, psychology, real estate, or even yourself, nearly every book written is related to something else that was on the online bookshelf before.

Let’s say that you’re a therapist and you want to write a book about anger. If you log onto Amazon’s Web site and type “anger management,” you’ll find over 5,500 titles. So how would writing a book benefit you?

There are two reasons. First, your book will reflect your one-of-a-kind perspective on the subject. You’ve worked hard to acquire your level of knowledge, and you’ll add to the information that already exists. A book will allow you to share your expertise with others in the most significant way.

Second, from a marketing perspective, your audience doesn’t care how many books have been written on your subject. Again, let’s take the example of the therapist writing a book about anger. When a prospect calls, and the therapist tells him that she has published a book on anger, she’s gained unparalleled credibility.

Furthermore, newspapers, magazines, web sites, radio, and TV are always looking for an interesting story to cover and expert advice. Whom do they usually consult? A published author.

Your book will work hard for you. It will help you reach your goals faster, and unlike newsletters that get read (we hope) and tossed in the recycle bin, people keep books. It’s the world’s most impressive business card.


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FAQ: I’m already at the top. What will a book do for me?

You’ve invested countless hours building your career. After the long workdays, the respect you’ve earned within your profession, and the many people you’ve influenced, a book will be the highlight of your career.

Furthermore, many believe that peak performers have a responsibility to pass their knowledge to others. And a book is the most powerful way to spread your wisdom to a wide audience. Your book will become the legacy you leave to your readers—It will improve their lives.

As the saying goes, “Success breeds success.” Highly motivated individuals, like you, are always setting new goals and taking on new challenges. A book is one of the most worthwhile goals you’ll ever accomplish. Once you publish a book, you’ll leave a permanent mark on your profession.

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FAQ: I think I’ll write a book once I’m really, really successful

You may believe that you should write a book once you reach a certain level of success. Perhaps you’ll write it in five or ten years, when you’ve accomplished your main career objectives. This is sound reasoning. After all, creating one of the most powerful marketing tools for your business will require time and money. Therefore, it’s not a decision you should take lightly.

On the other hand, a book will accelerate accomplishing your goals. Consider your book a means to an end. For example, let’s say that in 10 years you want to be at the top of your profession. You know seasoned professionals in your field and see yourself in their shoes within a decade.

Why are they where they are today? In large part it’s because of their expert status—Their reputations precede them. They have a large referral network that is a result of years of hard work.

Now think where your career will be after you’ve published your book. You’ll be considered one of the elite of your field. In terms of public perception, the expert status that results from your book will put you at the top of your profession. You’ll gain the same credibility as someone who has double or triple your career experience. Therefore, a book will help you reach your goals faster than any other form of marketing.

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