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Top Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon Publishes Book


Dr. John Diaz, one of the nation’s foremost plastic surgeons, just published his book, A Comprehensive Guide to Breast Augmentation. 


He shares his expertise performing surgery on his patients in his exclusive Beverly Hills practice. Visit his website and see his book on Amazon.

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Dr. Robert Puff Appears in PSYCHOLOGY TODAY

Man Leap


In the Psychology Today article, “Living with Less Fear and More Happiness,” top licensed-clinical psychologist, Dr. Robert Puff, present readers his mental-health expertise. Click here to read the article. 


Psychology Today’s site receives 4 million page views per month and provides backlinks and product placement. These benefits will make any Search Engine Optimization (SEO) team very happy. Contact me at 310.508.5750 or reach out to me on my website to learn how article placement will benefit your SEO and online marketing objectives.

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Top Criminal Defense Attorney Publishes Book

cover_lowresRon Hedding, Esq., a criminal defense attorney based in Los Angeles, just published, The Art of the Perfect Defense: Your Essential Guide to Criminal Defense in Los Angeles. 


The book is available in print, Kindle and in a Spanish-language version.

Click on this link to find it on Amazon. 

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United Capital Publishes Quarter 4 Overview

In its “United Perspective Quarterly Update,” United Capital provides an overview of 2012 and a look into 2013. Click here to read the article.

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??????????????????In his article, “Meditation: The Greatest 2013 Gift You Can Give,” clinical psychologist Robert Puff, explains why a meditation practice may be the best New Year’s resolution you can make. Click here to read the article on PT’s website. 


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CNN Interviews Joe Duran, Author of The Money Code

CNN’s Suzanne Malveaux talks with Joe John Duran, author of The Money Code. The CFA and CEO of United Capital discusses the Three Money Minds, which is a core premise of his book.

The Money Code will launch on 22 January 2013. Click here to learn more, or go to

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SMART MONEY Profiles Joe John Duran, United Capital CEO

Follow the link for the article, “Investing with the Anti-Wall Street Crowd.” 



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Pulling Back from the Fiscal Cliff

Joe John Duran, CEO of United Capital, provides insight into the so-called Fiscal Cliff, what it means to you, and how to address it. For the full post, click here.

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